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Combining Videotex trade leads, business opportunities, RFPs, catalogs and auction applications, Videotex can build and host a complete marketplace customized for a client's needs.

Integrated digital trust services, including identification, authentication, user management and encryption, provide a trusted and efficient platform for bringing together buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions and enhancing communications.

As part of the Videotex Network, a client has the option of interconnecting to other partners, such as Chambers of Commerce, UN Tradepoint and US Federal Government to access over 135,000 business opportunties.

Success Stories

The marketplace has helped a variety of companies find new business opportunities:

  • A Manhattan company looking for a graphic artist to design an interactive kiosk for a Presidential Library posted an ad in the marketplace. From the numerous replies, including firms in India and Pakistan, a freelancer in Brooklyn was selected, whose talented graphic design skills, combined with programming experience in creating bank kiosks, was a perfect fit.
  • Under the U.S.- Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), companies in Africa are provided preferential access for apparel exports to the U.S. market. A small clothing design firm, looking for quality, off-shore, competitively priced producers, made contact through the marketplace with a denim manufacturer in Mauritius.
  • A minority owned business bid on a Food Service contract at the Fleet & Industrial Supply Center Jacksonville, Florida that was set aside for minority owned business.
  • An information technology company, experienced in developing the trading systems for NASDQ, found a RFQ worth $750,000 to $1.5 million to automate the Iraqi stock exchange.

Featured Client

SafeTransact.com launched with WISeKey SA of Switzerland, provides a secure marketplace for global trade.

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